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9 Ways to Remain Stylish On a College Budget – By Sha’nece Austin – “Profashional”

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CWR Student’s Forum

June 2011

9 Ways to Remain Stylish On a College Budget

By Sha’nece Austin, “Profashional”

Sha'nece Austin - Profashional

Sha’nece Austin – Profashional, Howard University,
Founder & CEO Sanaai Closet

1. First take time to research what best suits your body shape. — What’s your shape? Are you an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle?

2. Before going shopping, shop in your own closet! — I know we all say the same thing “I don’t have any clothes, I have nothing to wear” but little do we know we have more than we think. Take a moment and look online on street style blogs, magazines, even your favorite celebrity’s style and try to recreate something that you already have!

3. Search around for the best bargains. – Remember quality doesn’t necessarily mean pricey, shop around for good buys. Here are a few to consider…

–       Online, such as bigcartel or ebay

–       Thrift stores, especially in the city or good neighborhoods. You’ll walk out of the door

with a bag full of clothes bragging that you only spent $20!

–       Catch the end of season sales

4. Browse with a plan. – Make sure you write down the things you were intending to go in the store for. It is more than easy to get side tracked when shopping. Prioritize each garment and think carefully about each purchase. Always ask yourself, “do I really need this?” try to think what you can wear it with, and how you can pair it with other pieces in your closet. If you can’t do those things, you probably should leave it in the store.

5. Stop buying on whim! – Just because it’s a sale doesn’t mean you need it! Spend wisely on the things you can dress in multiple ways. Unless you feel that urge of DESPARTE NEED, then of course head right to the cashier, just make sure your getting your money’s worth!

6. Stay away from one hitters. – Try not to buy too many pieces where you know you can only wear it once. It limits your selection, takes up space in your closet and ultimately just a waste of money.

7. Spend on good quality key items. – Such as shoes, coats, and pants. These are essential items that will last longer because they are seasonal and definitely worth the extra buck. My personal favorite place to shop for shoes is DSW they have great brands, and descent prices!

8. Don’t splurge on the basics. – You should spend the least money on items such as t-shirts, camisoles and tank tops. You can find these pieces just about anywhere; don’t spend too much on them because their lifespan is minimal.

9. Accessorize! — A quick way to switch up an outfit without purchasing a new one is switching up the accessories! Instead of the necklace switch to a scarf and instead of them black boots throw on some wedges!


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