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Finals Week – By Ebonnye Jackson

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December 2010

Finals Week

By Ebonnye Jackson


Ebonnye Jackson - University of California Riverside

Ebonnye Jackson – University of California Riverside

The good thing about finals week is that students are one step closer to their goal. It was a great accomplishment to complete my first college finals because I became a step closer to my goal. But I was stressed as I studied for the tests and realized that I needed to change the way I prepare for final exams.

In high school, I studied independently because I did not always find study groups successful. However, studying for finals in college was challenging because I unexpectedly felt pressure to pass the exams. Sometimes, I was distracted with social networking, mobile texting, or could not focus in a loud environment. I studied without taking breaks and I once forgot to eat. These unhealthy feelings made me realize that I needed to quickly change the way I studied.

One of the ways I changed my study habits was by participating in a study group. Study groups were mentally beneficial for me because the group of students all had one thing in common, passing the class, and in order to do that, each member had to share their knowledge or questions to help others understand material. I also had study partners in other classes. Me and my partners exchanged questions and received clarification through each others’ interpretation of the course material. I realized that studying with others relieved my worries and helped me gain a better comprehension.

There are many ways to form a good study group or find a reliable partner. For me, my study groups were formed by using email to communicate to the entire class, student chat rooms, and Facebook. I also continued to meet the same classmates during the professors’ office hours, which ultimately resulted in a group. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes it was convenient for me to study with others by using technology, while other times I studied in a library or study lounge.

I realized that studying in the library was necessary for me because I stayed focus on my studies. When I was in high school, I independently studied in my room with the TV and radio on. But now that I live in a dorm, I find that I have a difficult time studying because of distractions such as my cell phone, indoor and outdoor noise, and many social opportunities. So I realized that I focus better in quiet environments such as libraries and study lounges. I used to say “I study best in loud environments,” but the most noise I can handle are instrumental music or typical sounds at Starbucks. In addition, the libraries at my university allow students to eat, which is good because I do not forget to take a break and eat.

There are many options to study well for final exams without feeling a lot of pressure. Despite my stressful experience, I know how to study efficiently for the next finals week. Overall, studying independently and with others consistently throughout the academic quarter helped me be successful in my classes.


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