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How To Manage Your Time In College – India Hill

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CWR Student’s Forum

October 2011

How To Manage Your Time In College

By India Hill


India Hill, CWR Student Correspondent, Claflin University

India Hill, CWR Student Correspondent, Claflin University

People often say that a student goes off to college to find themselves. If there is one thing I’ve found out about myself, it’s that my time management skills suck. From waking up late for class to staying up all night cramming for a paper due early the next morning that I’ve forgotten about, it’s been a problem. Time Management is a big problem for most college students. From procrastination to overload on their daily schedules, it can definitely cause unneeded stress. I have suffered from issues because of poor time management, and I would like to share these tips with other fellow college students, so they won’t end up making the same mistakes I made!

Procrastination is NOT the key to a healthy college experience. Thinking that it’s okay to put off a paper until the last minute because you “work better under pressure” is not the way to think. Once the assignment is given, even if it’s not planned to be done that same day, at least look over it so that there can be a clear understanding of the assignment, and when would be the best time to start on it. Do not wait until the night before to figure out what the assignment even was. You might have gone through the whole week thinking you had a simple two-page paper, and come to find out the night before it’s due that you need 10 interviewees, and five references (websites not counting.) Then what? It’s also a good idea to review or even start on the exam beforehand, so if there are questions the teacher can be contacted to get them cleared up.

Preparation is another factor of time management. Hitting the snooze button five times while lying in the bed, getting up to eat breakfast, taking a shower, then proceeding to figure out your outfit for the day all in 45 minutes before class is not the way to start off your day. Prepare yourself by doing certain things the night before; such as taking a shower, and picking out your outfit. If you are someone who is very particular about your outfit, then lay out the possible accessories to go with it such as jewelry, bags and shoes. You could waste time in the morning looking for that one earring that you can’t find. This also helps if you do happen to oversleep; the only thing that you would have to do is put on your clothes and go.

A college student’s schedule can be very hectic. Between classes, extra-curricular activities, and having a social life, things can begin to overlap or be forgotten about. It is very important to manage the activities in your daily life or this can begin to be stressful. Try making a schedule so you can figure out what time certain things are throughout the day, to prevent overlap and overload. In the event of an overload, prioritize the events to choose which ones need to be done in that time slot. Be sure to make your schedule a balanced one. Don’t incorporate too much work without leisure time, and vice versa.

Time management or failure to do so in many cases can make or break your college career. Students can get caught up in falling behind because of procrastination, lack of preparation, or organization. It is important to stay on top of these things because it is a lesson that you can carry on throughout your life, not only throughout college. With the proper time management skills paving the way through college can be a very successful journey.


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