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Leggings ≠ Pants – By Sha’nece Austin, “Profashional”

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July 2011

Leggings ≠ Pants

By Sha’nece Austin, “Profashional”

Sha'nece Austin - Profashional

Sha’nece Austin – Profashional, Howard University,
Founder & CEO Sanaai Closet

Leggings are a great accessory to add to an outfit! They are comfy, stylish and versatile. I can see why many include leggings in their wardrobe. However, wearing leggings properly simple separates the chic and fashion oh no’s!

Leggings are an all year round clothing accessory, but we don’t have all year to get this right. Here are a few rules to help those adopting the trend.

Layer, Layer, Layer, I repeat Layer– Layering is a must when wearing leggings. Opposing to what some may believe leggings are not pants or jeans but instead should be viewed as stockings or tights.


Hide your tush– No one should ever be able to see your panty line. The best solution to this is wearing a tunic (summer) long blazer (fall) or long sweater cardigan (winter). Notice all these options should be loosely fitted. Wearing leggings and a fitted top would serve your look an injustice. If you like the fitted top and bottom look, try considering a romper!


Shoe appropriate: It is very crucial to wear the appropriate shoes with leggings. Please be aware that sneakers are only ok when the gym is involved. With that one exception, try out your options in your closet and really put your own style on this.


P.S.  This is an epidemic, pass the word along.


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