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Sexually Explicit Coed Relations – By Anthony Love

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CWR Student’s Forum

December 2011

Sexually Explicit Coed Relations

By Anthony Love


Anthony Love, CWR Student Correspondent, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Anthony Love, CWR Student Correspondent, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Technology can be just as destructive and gratifying as liquor and parties on college campuses. Some college students are utilizing the latest cell phone applications that puts the world in their hands.  Others are using their phone’s camera to “sext.”

“Sexting” is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones.

Temple University journalism major Coeli Danella says students who “sext” are “horny little bastards.” Danella insists its “trashy!” She believes the media plays a major part in it becoming a social norm. “They portray sexy as cool.” “It (sexting) reflects poorly on all of us.“ She believes women initiate “sexts” for attention.

Some college students are channeling their inner Anthony Weiner, former New York U.S. representative who resigned due to a “sexting” scandal. More than 50% of college students have received “sexts”, and nearly 80% have received them, according to research by University of Rhode Island faculty in the Department of Human Development and Family.

Jane Doe believes college students would rather explore instead of being tied into a committed relationship. “Things escalate quickly.” A simple phrase like, “Hello what’s your name?” can turn into, “Wyd? Send me a pic.”

College “sexts” are more sexually explicit than Weiner’s bare chest. One female college student flaunted her birthday suit after she showered.

A Cheyney University female student, who wishes to remain anonymous, says technology and the college lifestyle led her to “sext” a boy she was interested in. “I ‘text’ like a million times a week. I really like him. We weren’t in a relationship. I don’t know why I did it. I guess I wanted to take a walk on the wild side.”

Some people replace picture messages with video messages. One Cheyney University student said she received a “nasty” and “unexpected” video message of a male, whom she had sexual relations with, masturbating.

Keeping secrets on college campuses can be harder than rocket science. Ceoli Dannella believes 90% of people will pass pictures around like cheat-sheets. Some go viral to the internet. Cierra Wilson‘s, Amber Cole‘s, and April Pratt’s sex tapes made them infamous on Twitter. Two of the girls are under the age of 18 which makes the videos child pornography. All three were unavailable for comment. Some users post nude pictures on “Tittie Tuesdays” and “Thong Thursdays.” Many women are exposed on Twitter. People can gaze upon women’s naked breasts on “Titty Tuesdays” and butts on “Thong Thursdays.”

Senior fashion merchandising major Ryann Qualls from Chicago, Illinois says sexting destroys futures. “If I “sexted”, I could never run for president. People who “sext” should think about it before they do it.”

Newly passed laws penalize high school students who “sext” that result in state felony charges, including creation, possession and distribution of child pornography, in Pennsylvania, according to legal match.com

No such fines or criminal charges deter college students from “sexting.” So nothing happens when people put other people’s pictures on the internet or share them with their friends. Danella believes there should be a penalty for college students who get caught sexting on campus, especially if they’re shared with their friends or world-wide-web.

Cheyney University offensive lineman Asaheal Parson received what he described as a tasteful picture. Parson says the picture came from left field. “She initiated the picture. I had no idea she was sending it.” She told Parson she was texting him something. When he opened the picture message, his female friend gave the appearance as though she was naked. She covered herself with her arms like a playboy playmate. “I knew the girl well.” They were in a four month relationship when she sent him the “sext.”

Parson thinks some guys ask for naked pictures because they want to preview a woman’s body before sex. “The picture spoiled the surprise and anticipation. I think people blow it out of proportion when mature adults do it. It’s cool if you do it. It’s cool if you don’t.”

The women interviewed in this article said they only show their bodies when they “sext”, so they do not worry about if others see them.


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